HM-TRLR -S is not working with Pixhawk cube at Telemetry port

I an working with HM-TRLR -S 433 Mhz radio but it is not working with Pixhawk cube even I have set it for FSK mode

Just a minor point… the term Pixhawk is dead… too many junky fakes.

Please post more details, the radio you are talking about is made by who? Where is it’s manu? How have you connected it? Photos? Settings?
I am using on telemetry1 with Baudrate 57600

Have you loaded the firmware on the radios? Have you configured the radios?

Do they have a forum?

I just received a pair, meant for base-rover comms on an RTK GPS, but I’ll try them on MavLink, time permitting.
The regular Sik radios everyone uses are based on HM-TRP from the same manufacturer, and the HM-TRLR is the more modern version, adding LoRa modulation upto 19.2 kbps to the classic module.

The TRLR is not based on Si1000 anymore, so it can’t use the S1k firmware optimized for MavLink packet length and timings, but still offers a basic transparent bidirectional serial link.