Home button customizable

I wish I could also customize the home button.

you could easily do it in solex tx app in herelink.

But I can’t do it in Herelink calibration settings.

the option for home button setting is only given in solex tx app

Please change it in next firmware.

You can request @kellyschrock about this feature to be added in next update.

SolexTX already has this feature.

That is what I said already to @Ivolino but he wants this feature to also be inherelink settings.

Has QG already customizable home button?

Hi @Ivolino

Which app you want to use as default app ? QGC or Solex TX on herelink?

QGC as default app.

Currently no in QGC but may be in later updates in herelink you can also customize home button in qgc too.