Home button long click not recognized (Solex)?

Today I updated to the latest firmware version and configured the buttons in Solex.

Whatever I configure as “long click” action on the “home” button (e.g. switching vehicle mode to RTL or smart RTL), does not get executed. Only the short click gets recognized.

Anyone else facing the same problem or is there something wrong with my individual copy?


When you long-press this button, do you see a visual indication that the action is running on the screen? I’d also be interested to know how it reacts if you map long-press on a different button to the same action. There may be an issue with the home button specifically, although I can’t imagine why there would be.

I have the same issue
Had mapped RTL to Home On long Click, nothing
Mapped RTL to Home On Click, nothing
Mapped Loiter to On long Click Home, nothing
Mapped RTL to On Click C, works good

Guess something wrong with Home button

There is no visual indication but in contrast to the report of champ8242, at least I can map short click of the home button to an action like RTL. The reason why I want RTL only on a long click is that I do not want to trigger the RTL by just accidentally touching this button.


I got the same issue in Solex:

Home long-press not recognized
Cam long-press also not regignized

Short press works on all buttons, and long-press is ok on the buttons A B C D

Long-press Home worked fine before the stable release, cam i didn’t try that time but i would assume it was fine too.

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Is there any reason why there aren’t any home button options in the herelink settings app? Other buttons set up in this app seem to work well so I think it would simplify things to have home button options here as well.

Is there any update on this Issue? - Facing the same.