How can I connect Alexmos 32 bit controller to cube orange ADS-B board when telemetry 1 and 2 are in use?

Hello so I am planning on having a here link air unit connected to telemetry 1 and Nx Xavier on telemetry 2, I am just curious
if I can have Alexmos 32 bit BGC connected to the usb port on the carrier board (not the cube) and use serial and if possible how do I set it up in mission planner? ( all other ports are in use as well)

There are also other serial ports available on the Cubes. For example the two GPS ports, but also the pins next to the SBUSout labeled CONS.

There are 2 more serial ports from GPS ports

You can reassign them as serial.

CONS are occupied by ADS-B In in ADS-B carrier board, so it is no longer available.