How Can I Use GPS2 Pin as primary?

Hi all. My GPS1 pin is boraken. How can i connected to GPS2. İ using HERE GPS with safety switch. İt have 8 pins but GPS2 have 6 pins. Can you help me. Thanks.

Whichever device is found on either point, it will be primary

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How can i connect my here gps to pixhawk gps2 port. I have here gps 8 cable. But gps2 port 6 cable.

Adapter cable. They’re out there, but I can’t locate them right now. Thanks,

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I think you can use GPS2 port.
Please check the pin definition for GPS1 and GPS2 port.

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Were you able to get this done ?

Hi. Unfortunately. I couldn’t do it.

Oh…ok…may be the attached document may help …

Wiring a 10pin GPS plug to the 8pin socket on a Cube (2).zip (176.2 KB)

Thank you friend.

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