How closely should Baro-0 and Baro-1 report?

Is there any information available about how closely the two barometers in an Orange Cube should report pressure/altitude?

In one of my Orange Cube copters, I get a difference of about 2 feet.

This graph shows the reported altitude from Baro-0 and Baro-1 along with the altitude reported from my Lightware LW20 lidar. (the blue line)

Although I’ve not read anything about this specifically, my guess is that the ArduPilot EKF uses the available altitude data and synthetizes a value used in operation. In my experience to date - this produces great results.

But as reference, how much variance between barometers should alert us to possible problems?

As they are not located in the same position, their measurements are never 100% same. Plus, one of them is closer to the heater.

As long as the pattern and rate of change are consistent among them, they should be fine. EKF is able to compensate the offsets.

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