How do I can I store the live stream data from Herelink on a server

Hello Everyone,

I had a question which I wanted to ask. I looking to get the Herelink module, but I first wanted to know whether it fits my application or not. I wanted to transmit my live stream to the ground station which is possible using herelink but I wanted to send the same live stream to a ground station server where I can do some image processing on the Thermal Camera Video. It will be great if anyone can let me know is it possible. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

You can get the video stream from those rtsp addresses:

Hello Alvin,

Thank You for your reply, but what I was looking for was that I don’t want the stream on the rtsp addresses but I want to send the video stream to a physical server which I have so that I can do some processing on the thermal camera video. Is it possible ?

How do you want to send it? If you want to send the video stream, why not rtsp?

Hello Tobias

I need it on a physical server because I want a companion computer to do image and video processing on the live at the ground station as the processing power required is quite high because of which I cannot mount the companion computer on the quad copter itself

I would recommend to either use the ethernet bridge feature or stream rtsp via a wifi hotspot.

Can you tell me more about the ethernet bridge feature ?

Herelink FAQ - CubePilot

Thank You I will look into it