How do I get a key?

I bought my drone equipped with Herelink from
The owner told me to contact the manufacturer and to send them a picture of the serial number.
However, I understand that communication with the manufacturer goes through this forum…
Can I send the serial number via private message to one of the admins here?

Send a picture of the sticker at the back of the controller to the reseller.
The reseller will provide a key

after the firmware update, I need a product key. My german reseller, where I’ve bought my Herelink, is insolvent. Where I can now get this key?

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who was the reseller?

Unirobotix UG (Synosystems)

Hello friend, I bought a dront and they sold me your control system, he told me that the key is the label, but the number of digits is not considered, I write to my provider and he does not respond, can you support me?

Hello @Michael_Oborne,
we have a similar problem: About 10 units sold as part of a complete system to a fire department. The company, who built these combos is insolvent and there is no indication, from which reseller they bought the units…
The units must get updated now and ask for the product key in order to be activated again. The product key is not on the units - only the serial numbers.

I sent you a photo of one unit as PM and hopefully you can provide us the serial numbers in order to get them usable again…

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