How do I get a serial key for herelink?

I was told by the reseller that I have to post here the picture of the box to get the serial key. Whether should i sent a private message to somebody or post here in open forum?

Your reseller should be providing the Key to do directly.

The guys here generally only provide a key where the reseller is no longer available.

Who is the reseller ?

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The product was directly purchased from by the drone manufacturer and no serial key was provided to them either, upon a query to, the sales team asked the manufacturer to post a query in the forum.

Ohh ok @sidbh or @Michael_Oborne one for you guys.

@Eric_Xie @philip

Who is the manufacturer?

drone manufacturer is : IOTechworld Avigation pvt ltd

@Eric_Xie, can you please ask these guys to support their customers?

the IOTechworld people told me that proficnc sales team had asked them to post the picture of the box with serial number here in the discussion forum to get the serial key.

No, they have been sent a key from hex already, and they must send it to you.

If they have issues, they can contact us via the resellers contact

i bought mine sealed in the package from someone on rc groups. how do i get a key?

ask them who they bought it from, or get them to request the key

they are not responding.

Please pm with photo of the back of the HereLink

Not to familiar with how to send PM’s yet. I think I sent the pic to you . Not sure. Thanks for your time and dedication on this project. People like you make this a great Hobbie!

can you help me with the Code for herelink …i brought it, now the guy doesnt have a code

May I know where did you buy your Herelink?

Hi @Alvin,
I bought about 10 Herelinks from a china distributor on taobao 1-2 years ago (I don’t remember shop name), I have used most of them with no problems. The rest is for backup. However, yesterday I unboxed last Herelink and found that I can’t register with the Product key printed on the box, can you check it for me? Currently, contacting the shop on taobao is not possible with me.

please pm me the key you are trying to use?