How do you get in touch with anyone on this site?


I don’t see anyway to contact the mods or leaders directly…

I’ve been trying to change my email address for weeks now; I go thru the process - it then says it will send a confirmation email.

I get it in about a week or so - which of course is timed out by that point and states maybe it arealdy was changed

Nope - I then still get digests to the old email address. I then check and sure 'nuff it’s still the same old email in the profile.

Too man-bun Java jockey for me I guess…


You can call someones attention to your post with an @ before their name Like this: @philip

you can also send people private messages. Try philip, or sidbh or Eric_Xie - they’re the main users/mods/leaders around here…


@ajawamnet The email address update should be working now. Please try again. And the way you contacted is correct. You can also contact privately via Direct Messages to @sidbh, @philip and @Eric_Xie as mentioned by @ekliptiko.