How do you record video with herelink?

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excuse my repeated questions , it seems am missing something here .

How do you record video with herelink???

  • qground control doesnt work, i get broken videos in my gallery in the herelink unit, many people cant record so it seems that is not working in general.

  • Solex records video in the airunit. that works but first it has only 1 gb so only 7 mins of video can be recorded, second i have to plug a usb to download (which is awkward)

Can i please learn how is the system suppose to work ? why i get video in the herelink unit and i cant record there? what the purpose of the sd card on it? and not on the airunit?

Is connecting and streaming to a PC the only way to record ? it cant be… is it ?

(i have an Eken H9)

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oh …what a trip, there is a setting in solex “save to airunit” that was on . turning that off i get videos recorded on the herelink unit and i can play them back from the gallery woohoo!

What version of Solex are you using on Herelink. Do you have a download link .
Have you stopped using QGC altogether.


Solex v1.0.3

A dowlnoad link of what ?

yes QGC is kind of pointless for me atm , i cant record video , app is crashing and the button mapping is not as sleek as in Solex.


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What i mean is how did you download Solex v1.0.3 . … thanks

i just hit on the update of the herelink unit.
today i updated the unit and am at 1.0.4v.

All these so far are very finicky for me. i had herelink unit crash while i was recording yesterday , solex crash , pleasantly weirdly enough the video recording kept going ! after a hard restart i had video of the whole flight

Can you please provide the Herelink firmware version which you have.
I cannot even start Solex as it crashes always . My QGC works with video but cannot record always. It freezes almost every now and then . Becos of the Herelink system hiccups, I am not confident to fly my V-Tail fearing i will not have eyes in the sky :slightly_smiling_face:

the system version is BRU01211104
i was running v1.0.3 in solex, havent used v1.0.4 yet :crossed_fingers:

Not having eyes in the sky is ok compared to controller crashing and having to hard reset it !!!
I hate to say but seeing all these crashes and unwanted behaviors i dont do anything with out having laptop connected with mission planner ready to hit land or rtl

Are you also running an Eken camera ? i had lots of issues with that connecting recording etc what fixed most of my issues was that i removed the battery completely, cut the usb cable and connected it to my 5v PDB output .

Also something i noticed once ,i had Solex recording and i turned off the drone , that freaked out the system i had to reboot a couple of times solex then herelink then solex .it seems it creates some temp files that get corrupted which then its trying to read (this is an assumption), maybe a format on the unit will clear all this and make solex work for you ?

i wish you best of luck with it, waiting to hear if you end up fixing it !

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Thanks mate … :slightly_smiling_face: …I am not with my Herelnk system for the last 4 months …Will be reaching it next week … I use a Raspi cam which works pretty well thro’ a RaspI 3A+ . But like you said delicate connection issues were a big problem with Airlink and also the Cube Pixhwake units which were creating the inconsistent behaviours .

Is your video recorded with solex on the ground unit played in normal speed. My video playback is very fast. I don’t know what’s wrong .

Raj Patel

I am using a USB Cam through Raspi Zero (w) . The HDMI plays ok . Yes, I can record the video but after few attempts and freezing .

do you have your camera in timelapse ?

I don’t think it’s a camera issue…I got the same fast video with the hdmi connected to the pc …I think it’s related to solex….I’ll try to record on qground control and see what happens