How much amps can draw from the Black Cube?


Im beeing having some problems with the cube (The GPS goes Off on the air and GPS compass problems), and I have just realize the problem starts when I use 2 distance sensors connected to the BlackCube. Im using the TFMini sensor:

So the question is, how much amps can I draw from the BlakCube with sensors and other stuff without mess with the Cube energy.?

As always, I appreciatte your help.

You’d be best served powering your peripherals from another source like a BEC as opposed to drawing the power from the Cube/Carrier board. There have been many users who have been struggling with this. The solution is to power your extra gear from elsewhere.

To answer your question…it depends on which port you are plugged into.

Peripheral power is split into two groups:
• Serial 1 has a private 1.5A current limit, intended for powering a telemetry radio.
This output is separately EMI filtered and draws directly from the USB / Brick inputs.
Peak power draw on this port should not exceed 2A, which should be sufficient for a
30dBm transmitter of reasonable efficiency.
• All other peripherals share a 1A current limit and a single power switch. Peak
power draw on this port should not exceed 1.5A.

…so…outside of the Serial 1 port (Which you are likely using for Telem); ALL other peripherals SHARE 1A TOTAL.


TL:DR - Power your peripherals from a different power source than the Cube.

Thanks! yes, that is what we did, problem solved, any way I want to have the users comments, no better than the experience on this!

Appreciated for your comments!

There has been an issue that reduces the availability of power to peripherals due to behaviour changes from Nuttx to Chibios
This has been fixed in ardupilot now.

Thanks! Appreciate your help!