How to change stick control on Herelink controller


I have a problem with the stick control on my Herelink remote controller. I could adjust it before with Mission Planner, but when I try now I cant connect the controller to Mission Planner. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Do you mean you can’t see the rc signals from the rc calibration page?

No, I cant connect the Herelink controller to Mission Planner. I want to change the stick settings, left stick = left throttle and right stick= right throttle.

I still don’t get it…
Can you post a screenshot about it?

Have you connected the telem and sbus cables?

The herelink is fully functional, everything is connected and everything, cool product. I just want to connect the Herelink controller to Mission Planner to change the stick and button configurations.


Can you tell me the ip address of your herelink controller when it is connected to the wifi network?

Also, it’s not necessary to change the settings by connecting the herelink to mission planner. You can directly connect the cube to mission planner.

If I connect it directly to mission planner, how can I change that each engine is controlled by each stick?

Not sure what firmware you are using, but I guess rover?
You can change the servo functions here: