How to choose what Cube to use?

Hello guys,

I am working on a quadrotor control project and the target is to use PixHawk 2.1. During my exploration, I couldn’t find a clear way that helps me what Cube should I use. I was reading the documentation and it’s not that detailed.
Can anyone help me in comparing them or provide me with a good resource of information maybe?
The main questions are:

  • What are the main differences between the Cubes? How to choose?
  • I read somewhere that Orange is the best but it is still in the beta version. How much reliable is it? How much are other Cubes reliable?
  • Sensors in the Black Cube are not as good as those in Orange Cube?

I appreciate any help, advice, or guidance!

This video is awesome I would however give my recommendation for the orange cube simply because it has a ton of redundant sensors and it’s equipped with ADS-B which is a requirement for all flights accordinding to the newly made FAA regulations. Really there is no bad choice because they all work great but I think orange is the best value for your money personally

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You may have a look at the Cubes comparison here:
And the sensor list if you are aware of it

Orange is no longer beta since ardupilot supports it in release versions.

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You would want to go with Cube Orange which is the new standard. Black cube is also good but Orange has improved sensors and would enjoy longer support. You have a variety of options when it comes to the carrier board as well. Go with the standard setup of orange cube with ADSB carrier board in combination with here2 GNSS. That should take care of almost anything you put it into.

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This video is quite old now, there is a more updated one here

The Orange Is also the standard now and there is a dedicated video to that one too.

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Thank you guys for all your precious answers! It really helps and I appreciate it :slight_smile:

As I am going probably to use PX4, I have understood that Yellow Cube is the best choice to avoid some problems. However, you are recommending the Orange Cube as it’s the standard now and it’s more powerful. Moreover, the ADS-B would be of great importance.

In a nutshell (apparently):

  • for PX4 users, Yellow Cube with ADS-B is the best
  • for AruPilot users, Orange Cube with ADS-B is the best

Any other opinions, personal experiences, or recommendations are more than welcome! :slight_smile:

Here and now Orange is still in very early days on PX4. The Yellow is the best option for now at least.

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