How to connect Herelink telemetry in new App

Hi I need a interactive video feed for communication to onboard Jetson nano and pixhwk using Herelink.

You need an application to receive and decode the mavlink messages from Herelink.
Also, Herelink has only 1 uart port. If you connect the uart port from Herelink to Jetson nano, there will be no connection to flight controller.

Here is a sample app which get video stream from Herelink:!Arfo5mfKBsY-hHlA0VtCXudaD4mO?e=9r0vqZ
You can compile it in Android Studio.

Thank you live video feed sample android app.

Can you please tell me how to read/send the telemetry data in another android app . It would be very helpful for me.

You may need to work with mavlink router.
There is a mavlink router conf to modify and connect to that instead of trying to talk over serial port.
It is under /system/etc/mavlink_router.conf.