How to connect Lightware SF02 to Orange Cube

I recently bought a lightware SF02 sensor to install on my quadcopter and cannot figure out how to connect it to the cube flight controller. Would I have to buy or make an ADC cable and try to get it to work that way? I know the sensor is old but I figured it would be fun to play around with it and see what it can do. Any help would be appreciated.

You may have a look at the ardupilot wiki

Yes you’ll need an ADC cable and modify it.

I tried to connect the sensor to the Cube Orange flight controller by following the instructions above in the ArduPilot docs but I’m having issues. The sensor reading is at 25.6 meters while the drone is on the ground and does not change as the drone gains actual altitude. I thought maybe the issue is that I need to power the SF02 unit through the cube power rail instead of through the ADC port so I’ll give that a try but does anyone have any other ideas as to what I may be doing wrong.

I also checked the sensor through the LightWare Terminal and the sensor readings are good so that is not the issue!

Try to power the sensor externally. For example, from BEC.