How to connect Qgroundcontrol on iPad via wifi router to Qgroundcontrol on Herelink?


how can I connect Qgroundcontrol on an iPad via a wifi router to Qgroundcontrol on the Herelink? I manage to do this on Mission Planner and managed to do this via Herelinks hotspot on a previous firmware version.


ok, found the solition, its possible if you know the ip and use port 14552.

Hey guys, I have a question, I have pixhawk cube orange and herelink rc with airunit, ive calibrated the rc through herelink settings, but how can I connect qground control with the airunit I’m having difficulties to do it

How can I know my ip?
The UDP method is same for Mission Planner and QGC

you can check the device ip like how you do on ordinary android devices, or check it in you router.