How to connect the Potentiometer to pixhawk cube black

(Sampath kumar Chiruthoti) #1

am using pixhawk cube black ,i want connect to potentiometer to pixhawk but i dont know how to connect it , for potentimeter collect the alpha and beta data . am using airspeed also that is connected to I2c port . please help me

(Ian ) #2

Sorry please can you explain more what your trying to do ?


Maybe show a schematic of what you are trying and why? This may help us understand

(Sampath kumar Chiruthoti) #4

thank for replying . i need alpha and beta data from pixhawk cube . that why am using potentiometer . the potentiometer its analog outputs so i connect to ADC port in pixhawk cube . then after armed the plane . after download the log file . how to see the analog data from ardupilot firmware .

(Ted Weerts) #5

You could connect it as a “range finder” (just for the purposes of logging - i understand that it is not actually a rangefinder)


Alpha and beta data? What exactly do you mean?
Alpha and beta radiation testing? Or what?

(Sampath kumar Chiruthoti) #7

i need alpha ,beta data


What on earth is alpha beta data? Explain in detail.

(Sampath kumar Chiruthoti) #9

angle of attack


Ah, so you want to connect an AOA sensor?

(Sampath kumar Chiruthoti) #11

am not using AOA sensor . am using potentiometer for measure the angle of attack how i connect to cube


AOA sensor… = Angle of Attack


As far as how or if Ardupilot supports this… not sure…

But how to physically connect And log it is easy.

Connect a cable to the port marked airspeed, connect power to one side of your potentiometer, ground to the other, and signal to the signal pin. Use a 50Kohm potentiometer

Then enable airspeed, but don’t use airspeed… you will need to calibrate the airspeed sensor in ardupilot to set 0 in the middle, and make the range make sense for you.

Then in the logs, the airspeed becomes the data you use…

If there is an existing AOA input option, or a general analog logging option, use that instead. Maybe someone else can educate me here as well :slight_smile: