How to control UAV For long range up to 100 km with cube orange as autopilot?

How to control UAV For long range up to 100 km with cube orange as autopilot?

I already own jeti 2.4 transmitter and recievers but was unable to find how long the flight range of this transmitter is, anyone knows?

What would be the best practice to safely fly an UAV for up to 100km and also keep control encrypted and secure prefferable with some failsafe mechanisms?

How would the us army be able to fly the predators for such long range.

And what system would i need to control UAV for up to 100km if a normal 2.4 transmitter is not capable of this long range.

Hi @jordansz ,

First thing I would give you a warning that do not fly farther until you have permissions. It is illegal to fly more range with your drone without specific permission from your country government.

Next thing, To fly more range, you may need good transmitters and receivers of high frequency
( Again, without legal permissions, do not use or test it )

Next option, you can use a 3G/4G or 5G/ LTE cellular network transmitter and receiver for this, which can give you unlimited range until and unless, your UAV is connected to the Network or LTE tower.
But, here the con is that, wherever LTE Signal is not available, you will lose control of your UAV and risky so you need proper failsafe system too with LTE transmitter and receivers. You can set the failsafe that whenever the drone loses its connection from the LTE Tower, then it should RTL. Similarily you need lot more failsafe settings for this LTE system, if you want to use.
Another con for LTE is that it has high latency in transmitting video, telemetry and RC Control Data to the ground station. It means that it will be hard to control the drone due to the high latency.
( This is also illegal so do not do it until with permission from government).

I am sharing the link for unlimited range drone module :- 4G LTE connectivity for UAVs

You can give the UAV, missions in ground control or mission planner and the drone can fly unlimited range until the drone is in reach within any LTE tower of your choice provider and if the signal is loss, then the UAV will automatically reconnect and you will gain connection again. Not only providing unlimited range missions, you can also get to control the UAV with your virtual joystick on your preferred app, which is Q ground control or Misiion planner. Also if you want any other app to use, then you can contact them directly through their email address which is given in their website, They also have good support for their users. You can also use gopro or any other camera, Just ask them whether it is compatible or or not but gopro camera will surely work. They already have a 8 mega pixel 1080p cameea included in their kit which will be ok for normal applications. This kit may be a bit costly but it is actually cheap than any other long range high transmitter and receiver. The only problem is latency and another problem is the legal rules you need to follow of your country. ( It is illegal, mentioning again and again not to try it ) and also the failsafe safety sometimes.

Another option is to use the raspberry pi and make your own LTE module with it and control your drone UAV with it as a unlimited range. See below for more information about this.

Also you can use arduino and build the LTE system to do the same for unlimited range and with a very cheap price compared with anything else.
( Part 1 ) Link :- Unlimited Drone Range(part1) | On Any Drone | DIYIFEHACKER - YouTube
(Part 2) Link :- Unlimited Drone Range v2 | 4G LTE Drone | DIYLIFEHACKER - YouTube
(Part 3) Link :- Unlimited Drone Range v3 | Raspberry Pi Drone | DIYLIFEHACKER - YouTube

This above system has some of the failsafe system like RTL if connection loses, etc.

Even there are others available already in market with unlimited range. Link :-

Parot disco 4G LTE, etc.

( Again be careful before you do this as it is illegal )

Thank you

I understand long range is illegal yes.

The arduino boards seems to be a hacky solution i would not dare to fly with it. the uav project you linked to is expensive. It seems DJI is putting there FPV system end of life its no longer sold? Which is very unfortunate.

I own the DJI FPV drone but havent tested max range im to scared haha.
The documentation lists 4km reach. I would like to have a little more reach but it has to be a solid solution.

From what I understand it uses 4G and mavlink to send the control data from groundstation to the autopilot. Then using a mavlink to dji goggles conversion and you can view the videostream on the groundstation and on the goggles.

What do all the uav projects out there use then? is it all custom build video transmission links.
Also I wonder how much bandwith 4g has to transfer lots of data.

RFD900 with proper antenna and amplifier ,Microhard P400, or silvus streamcaster sc4200 for expample)

And how would you connect that to an laptop or ipad if possible? How would this be different from buying herelink. Herelink has up to 20km but can that range be not extended using the mentioned hardware in your post above?

Thank you

Via WiFi, live video playback by any RTSP player (such as VLC)
Herelink is not 20km capable in real applications, mentioned UP TO 20km.
But silvus works for 60+km

How much would it cost?

So it would look like:

  1. Uav has transmission
  2. Ground reciever connects with wifi to groundstation
  3. Groundstation reads videofeed telemetry from uav and displays it
  4. No hardware unit to takeover control is there virtual joysticks to in groundstation?

Kind regards,

Herelink seems a better option the more i investigate.

Why does herelink not provide heavier antennas for longer range is this possible? Would be best of both worlds. Or perhaos a herelink with android tablet for bigger screen if ios is a problem

You can try to attach different antenna to Herelink

The stock antenna is the one with best performance where it was released.

For the screen, you can connect another device with bigger screen through wifi UDP method, or usb-HDMI cable