How to fix ERROR binding UDP port: the bound address is already in use

We are facing an issue when we are trying to run our GCS on herelink RC. It says “ERROR binding UDP port: the bound address is already in use”. We tried by removing QCGS, by doing factory reset of herelink RC but still the issue remains same.

Any insight on solving this issue would be a great help.

bind to port 14551 not 14550

Thank you! we made the default port the same advised by you and our issue is fixed.

Now we encountered another issue, video feed is not streaming on herelink it keep on showing “Waiting for video”

im going to need alot more information to really comment on this one

given your on a custom qgc, was it based off our version?

yes, its based on version 4.2.4-7

this is likerly not based on our version then, that version number is too new, please confirm your base

Issue is with connection to qgcs on herelink. Using cable to windows qgcs gets connected. But on Herelink RC its says waiting for vehicles connection. The same Herelink Rc and air unit get automatically connected with my older drone but one difference I noticed and that is I observed while connecting with old drone board (Cube orange), MAVlink link status shows connected but with the same RC MAVlink link status shows not corrected when I try on new board.However RC showing paired with air-unit.
Any solution to it?

Finally we resolved all the issues

What was required for you to resolve these issues?
We have a similar situation, where the app throws UDP bound issues upon startup.

The video comes through an RTSP link on the herelink, but we are unable to stream it to any other laptop even using the same address.

I am encountering this issue. I am trying to use the SIYI A8 with HereLink 1.1 in the SIYI QGC app as well. Both UDP ports 14550 and 14551 say already taken upon startup. Once I get the notification to clear, I still only see a “Waiting for Video” where I’d expect to see my video stream. Can someone please help walk me through this?