How to get video from HDMI2

Hello. I’ve got a herelink system and I’ve got most things working except hdmi2 video. I get hdmi 1 video without any issue. I swap the input to hdmi2 but get nothing through. I have 2 confirmed hdmi 1080p 60Hz inputs but only hdmi1 seem to work.

How do I access hdmi2? Do I need to activate it somehow?

You use Solex or QGC? In both Apps you need to select which HDMI Input you want to use. Did you try that?

I use qgcs and Mission planner. I don’t know where to select it. Can you show me? If I understand correct it should support parallel video soon?

In QGC on Herelink you find this option

in the „Video Stream“ menu in the right hand box.

There you can switch between inputs.

Screenshot is from QGC for iOS which does not give the option to switch inputs. Only to illustrate where to look.