How to hover drone at 50% throttle

how to hover drone at 50% throttle

Use AltHold mode

  • If the throttle stick is in the middle (40% ~ 60%) the vehicle will maintain the current altitude.

Joystick option in my QGC not show .

will it be possible loiter mode.

Have you updated your Herelink to latest stable? You should see the joystick options in Herelink setting app

The throttle stick centered at zero, it climbs well, however, with fingers always pressed on the throttle stick.
I have attached the log files. please see and give me the (2.0 MB)

your vehicle is well over powered, your hover throttle is set to 0.35
in loiter however, it should hover eventually.

how to solve this problem kindly help ???


MOT_THST_HOVER 0.2531396

Just fly it more so that it could learn the loiter throttle itself