How to limit motors acceleration in offboard mode


I work on an Octocopter about 14kg with pixhawk cube black managed by a ROS computer. This drone use Elistair power supply (and connexion to ground computer by Elistair too) like this one Station d'alimentation SAFE-T 2 - Elistair

With a controller the drone behaves very well, but with Offboard mode, when we ask pixhawk to takeoff, the power supply goes to safety and cuts the electricity, the power of the supply is 1.5x higher than the consumption of the drone, we think that it is the strong demand of watt in instantaneous which puts the power supply in safety.

Is it possible to limit the acceleration of the motors mainly at takeoff, this drone does not need to be fast at all, if it took 5 seconds to take off it would not pose any problem.

Thank you for your Help !

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If using Arducopter, you can increase MOT_SPOOL_TIME.

But you still want to be cautious with such big copter. With too short spool times props may gain thrust slightly delayed (uneven) which may cause the copter to pitch or roll on the ground.

oops forget to write I’m with PX4