How to request adding new features?

How do i officially request new features in Mission Planner? I’d like more options to be added to the Joystick programming drop down menus. Thanks

need a bit more info as to what would be added?

You have a couple of choices:

1st step would be to open a discussion in the Mission Planner Forum

This would get your proposal aired and discussed, and hopefully a dev or two would offer thoughts and recommendations.

2nd If your proposal gets positive feedback then it would most likely be suggested that you put in an enhancement request in the GitHub repository for Mission Planner.

I added a pic to try to make it more clear. I want the RC_options on the CONFIG User Params page to be available as one of the Joystick button setting options. I’d also like the Reverse box to be available on the buttons column as well.


do you just mean that a button can be assigned to an axis?
ie i press button X and axis X moves from min to max?
then set the rcX_option accordingly?

Essentially yes. Thanks

Any possibility in getting this change in? Thanks