How to support Ukraine

We are disgusted by the evil invasion of Ukraine by the butcher of Moscow and his dogs

We are working with various groups, helping them build Aircraft in Ukraine and using them to help defend their great country

If you would like to do more than just standing with Ukraine, we have a few options.

  1. Support UNICEF to help with the refugees
  2. Buy an Autopilot kit, and send it to Ukraine. We will keep the location and activity secret to protect those defending their country.
  3. send an aircraft, We will be adding links below for you to purchase a whole aircraft and have it shipped to those that can use it best.
  4. Sponsor an aircraft build, besides autopilots, the crews building the airframes need fillament and 3d printers, motors, batteries, cameras, etc etc.

methods for each step will be added below

We have been working with the ukrainian embassy here in Australia on getting government support for sendiing more lethal solutions as well, but we will keep the details of that quiet.

I will be adding options in the comments bellow on how to support


We started an action to fund small camera drones that can be the eyes of the people in the Ukraine. It started after the first anti war demonstration in Amsterdam. So far some 289 drones have been brought to UA journalists and peoples defence and army people. We think that such camera drones like DJi mini 2 are perfect, as they have small signature on radar. Also they come with tricks to avoid the aeroscope of DJI which is also used by Russian army. Our action is: We now see that there is also a lot of interest in thermal camera drones for obvious reasons. So we would suggest if you have good contacts in UA, to support them with such drones, either as camera drone or including thermal camera… If you do not have such contacts in UA, you can support our action and mention if you want to support a normal camera drone or one including a thermal one. Cheers Winfried