How to use ground station buttons?

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to have access to the physical buttons on the herelink ground station, but so far with no success.

While connected through ADB to the ground station, I’ve found in optimus:/system/etcrc_service_config_optimus.ini references to the 6 buttons and to a ConfigDir=/data/rc-service , but unfortunately I always get access denied when trying to open or pull it.

How can I access the files in data/rc-service or figure out how to interact with the buttons?

Also any hints on where to look for relevant code in the QGroundControl-herelink repo would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

the buttons controlled via sbus are located in that file, it is not meant to be user changeable, except via the herelink settings app

how an app deals with the buttons are a topic for the app in quesiton

Thanks @Michael_Oborne

I’ve checked the settings app, but I’d like to use the buttons in my app to do custom things… How can I use them?

yes it is, just DONT configure it in the herelink settings app.

this is what QGC and Solex do.

in regard to keycodes, just setup a generic button listener and capture the response when you press it.


is it possible to also access the joystick and the wheelie in the top left corner of the controller? The top right was also just a button.

I’ve tried treating it as a generic gamepad, but with no success.

@Michael_Oborne , are there any pointers you can give regarding the joysticks too? :smiley:


i would suggest not touching those, as they are internally mapped to sbus functions. and you cannot disable it.

however, they are just android joystick axis’s