HS L200V shortened wires

Hi, greetings to you all, im just receiveng my cube orange along all of the accessories and I want to be very careful setting it off, that being said I wonder if there is any problems if I cut one of the wires in the hs 200 current sensor so my installation is made easier as depicted in the image
Perhaps my question could be absurd, but I want to be dead sure

Go ahead - shorter wires are better. Inexperienced people can have a tough time properly soldering those heavy gauge wires, so make sure the connections are good.


I should have said shorter wires are better for current-carrying. In the context of building multirotors the wires attaching to the flight controller need some flex so they don’t transfer vibrations to the FC.

You have a beautiful power distribution board !

Julien, yes it is right??
I am amaze about the wuality of the product! The cube orange fit perfect! i just soldered the signal wires in the inside rail… And today i’d like to solder the cables to the esc!

Im doing a full cubepilot kit: herelink, here3, rfd900. I’ll keep posting the updates as i advance

That is right ! I love this PDB, i made it !
I made many drones with it, it works like a charm

Course you made it. That’s lit!!!