HW WHEEL CAL failed. "Result: the right range of rollwheel is too ..."

I try to calibrate HW WHEEL CAL but it failed and I get error message “Result: the right range of rollwheel is too …” I can’t reed further on my display. What can I do?

Any pictures please ?

Hi, can you try once more:

Tap “Start calibration”

Move roll wheel to each end BUT do not push hard. Only move it until you feel the first slight resistance to the left and to the right.

Same result.

@sidbh anyone of you guys a clue?

Can you share a video which shows pulling the wheel to leftmost and rightmost, and the detected range on the screen?

I couldn’t upload the video. here a link to it.


another one


Try to push the wheel even harder. You won’t break anything.

For the wheel on my Herelink, left range size is 348mv and right range size is 263mv.

It worked now! I had to press quite hard.

The values are very unstable. Center varies a lot 1256-1490 mv. Quality is really bad.

Normal press of left is 1500 mv, right is 1200 mv. Pressing hard can go much further.

What you see in the calibration screen is the raw input. The Herelink should be able to recognize the center section as mid point.

Try to view the sbus output from Ardupilot