I can not register my remote

I bought two Herelink and got 2 product keys. After uptated the first, I can not register with neither of the two product keys that I have. The remote is connected to internet. I tried also with other regions that EU.

Any suggestion?

Verify your time/date and timezone matches.

Then make sure your ip address is not in range of 192.168.0.x

Thanks @Alvin The IP was 192.168.0.x


How/where is the IP adress to be changed in such case? Is it to be done in the Herelink ground unit or has it to be done in the router or such?


It has to be changed in router. In most of the routers, you can log into it then re-assign IP addresses for each connected devices.

Many thanks, Alvin.

What is the typical IP address range for such a case

It depends on your router, they have different settings for ip assignemnt.
To register Herelink, you can have any ip except 192.168.0.x

thank you