I can't figure out which firmware is better for me

I simply wish to start working on autonomous quadcopters, and can’t decide between ArduCopter and PX4 firmware and the peripherals that come with each of them, can anyone explain to me the actual technical differences between them? I know they have a different license, but other than that, I don’t see a difference.

They have their corresponding strength and weakness. It is hard to tell which one is better.
This has been discussed in their forums

CubePilot hardware supports both of them but we usually recommend Ardupilot.

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First of all, thank you for your answer, but I have some follow up questions:
I read the forum discussions and I still couldn’t figure out for myself, but since you already recommended ArduPilot, can you give me the reason as to why you recommend specifically ArduPilot? I’d love to get a clearer picture before I go into the decision making and development.
And I have another question: I will have a large drone, and its purpose isn’t to be fast or agile, but to hover for long periods of time, now I have a need to place the Cube at an offset from the center, about 15cm, is there a good way to do that? I should also mention that it’s going to be a product me and the company I work for will release, and we want to close it off, not make it open-source.

Placing the cube at an offset is fine with ardupilot firmware, PX4 may be also fine but I have not tried myself.
it would be really hard and probably unnecessary to find a clear winner for your specific use case, but I would recommend you try one firmware first and if it works reliably, stick with it.

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