I do not know what should be theproper title but please help me regarding herelink system.ink system


Actually there’s a lot to say!

Can you sponsor me one herelink unit ? Please. @MadRC @Alvin @Julien @philip @Michael_Oborne @kellyschrock

                                             Who am I ?
  1. I am a school student studying in Telangana, Hyderabad. My school name :- Genesis international school.
  2. I am in class 8th.
  3. I am a hobbyist and like to build drones. I have already builded many projects recently from 3 years.
  4. I have already worked on raspberry pi and arduino.
  5. Me and my elder brother ( who is a college student in odisha) have also builded a drone and posted it in a youtube video :- Link - Flying Test…DJI NAZA M-Lite - YouTube

I want to build a drone using pixhawk cube orange, here 3 GPS, herelink system ( If sponsored by you ), etc. I will be also making a video of it in youtube, the whole hardware setup and software setup too. I have been doing research from 3 years on drone and 1 and half years on herelink.

                             Why should you sponsor me ?

There is a lot of demand for creating youtube videos on herelink. I will be creating a whole playlist of youtube videos where I can demonstrate other people to learn, build, configure and test the drone. I will not be creating repeated videos such as herelink range test and other things. I will be more advanced and absolutely make videos on how to improve herelink range such as by trying multiple antennas to get more range and implementing something in herelink to get more range. The thing is herelink is value for money product but the thing is that why should I spend money on it ? You could sponsor me the herelink first. Then I can spend money to improve herelink by doing range tests with different anttenas, etc. Not only improving range test, I will also be creating a all in one video on youtube on how you can make a drone using herelink, obstacle avoidance 360 degree lidar, pixhawk cube orange with ADSB setup, Seagull rec with sony camera setup and three axis giimbal plus a parachute failsafe design system designed by me. These all things, motor wiring, esc wiring, pixhawk wiring, mission planner setup, herelink gimbal setup, seagull rec connections, seagull script setup, everything will be included in that video. If anyone see that video, they can understand everything about a drone. I have a plan to make it in that way that I include these topics also in that one video, what is drone, physics of drone, what is pixhawk, what is flight controller, etc. I have been doing this drone research from three years. I also made a drone with my brother. The link is shared above for that youtube video. Currently there may be less subscribers but every successful youtube was a beginner having less subscribers. Herelink is a most requested thing where people want youtube videos of it and I am ready to help them. The main thing is that insteading of spending money on herelink, you can sponsor it to me, I will make youtube videos of it and also testing many things on it and improve it range and features too. I will be giving credits of my sponsorship in the youtube video. It will attract more customers to buy herelink. Specially in India, they sell herelink in about 69,000 rupees which is 945 dollar approx but in other countries a bit less compared here. I am also learning lua scripting for improving the herelink and contribute herelink. Please reply your thoughts. Please help me. Any body who can help me, then please reply me forward asap.

Thanks and Regards,
Biswajeet Prusty

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