Ideas for mounting antenna on fixed wing drone exterior


My team and I are putting together a fixed wing drone for a university project.

We will be making use of hardware such as the Here 2 GPS, the Teltonika RUT955 router and the RFD900x.

We would like to mount the antennae for these components onto one of the lids of the hatches on the airframe. Our airframe is made primarily of fiberglass and strengthened with carbon fiber. We are unsure as to what kind of paint is used to coat the exterior, however.

Kindly refer to the picture attached for a better understanding of the airframe material and the antennae that we would like to mount. photo_2019-06-06_18-43-42

We would like to ask for ideas as to how we could mount these antennae. Ideas currently being floated are: 3D print mounts for antennae; tape antennae directly to the lid; use velcro.

Thank you in advance! !