IMU Ground Mag Anomaly

Firstly awesome job with the herelink, absolutely awesome.

Secondly has anyone else had a problem with the IMU Ground Mag Anomaly error coming up? Have connected two different quads with herelink, both were working perfectly previously (RFD900X and spektrum transmitter), but now come up with this error once connected with herelink. May be just a coincidence?

Error initially was coming up very often during a flight followed by yaw realigned, I reloaded the firmware and now the error only comes up once at the start of each flight. Quad seems to fly ok, bit worried about doing an auto flight with seeing some of the reports of fly-offs with this error coming up.

All that is telling you, is that there is a variation in magnetic field between the takeoff point and flight.

Make sure your external magnetometer is your primary

It’s possible that where you mounted your HereLink has had an effect on the characteristics of the vehicle, did you recalibrate after installation of the HereLink?

I have done the compass calibration and after that, I flew my drone once there was no error but after giving the power cycle I took another flight, and in that flight, it was showing ground mag anomaly I haven’t changed anything I just plugged out the battery and plugged. so is there anyone who has any idea why this occurs?

Need to know more details - are you using a CAN compass, like a Here3 and it’s not always there after powering up?
Are you going outside, waiting for good 3D Fix before doing the compass calibration?
Do you disable the onboard/internal compass?

If you provide a .bin log we might be able to see why.

Hello, good afternoon I have a problem with my equipment, when I take off from one moment to another it begins to move in the yaw axis for no reason, I want to know what this error means: EKF2 IMU0 ground mag anomaly, yaw re-aligned


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Please open a new topic for your issue.
Also you should post your flight log so that we could look into what happened

yes I am using CAn compass Neo v3
and it is not thereafter powering up
yes I always wait for 3d lock before doing compass calibration
no, I do not disable any compass

Yes I have recalibrated that as well

Did you calibrate the compass before or after the Cube completely heated up?
Also, was the Cube heated or cooled when the message came up?

I have the same problem, but only in QGC, it doesnt warn in Solex Tx and it looks like to me that the flight went well (i am new to arducopter orange cube). Does the Solex Tx warn for this type of error or its a bug of the incompatibilities of QGC in herelink with arducopter 4.x firmware?