IMU sensor datasheet inconsistent?

Hi All,

in the datasheet of the cube (black) 2.1 i found the IMU sensor are:

  1. InvenSense MPU9250, ICM20948 and/or ICM20648 as first and third IMU (accel and gyro)
  2. ST Micro L3GD20+LSM303D or InvenSense ICM2076xx as backup IMU (accel and gyro)

Which make it not very clear (too many “and/or”…)

meanwhike, in the official doc found here:

you can find a table which says:
|Cube Black Blue, Green|MPU9250|LSM303D/L3GD20|MPU9250


so which one i must consider?

PS LSM303D/L3GD20 seems both discontinued.

The Cube Black has
IMU 1 MPU9250
IMU 2 LSM303D/L3gd20
IMU 3 MPU9250 (compass not used in ardupilot)

Cube Orange has
IMU 1 ICM20948
IMU 2 ICM20602
IMU 3 ICM20649

CubeOrange Pro
IMU 1 Secret
IMU 2 ICM20602
IMU 3 ICM20649

Yes the Lsm303d and L3gd20 are EOL it’s time to switch to orange

Cube Orange PRO sounds new to me!
Some more info?

Let me guess!

No, BMI088 may look good on paper, but by the time the EKF has done it’s thing, it doesn’t make a difference in flight characteristics compared to the ICM20602 that’s in the orange.

The invensense solutions have millions of flight hours

The IMU1 in Pro is orders of magnitude better… but is also very much dearer than other solutions on the market


Nice! Looking forward to it.
Hope it’s not too pro that it’s not affordable, like ADIS16470. Or if you could make this affordable then it would be great! :grin:

Is there another error here? I have tried to find a datasheet for the ICM2076xx but can’t find one anywhere. Does this sensor even exist?

No errors
We didn’t end up using that sensor in production as beta testing showed it as not good enough. But there are 5 or 6 that exist, so the data is correct