Info gimbal and double RC


I am new to the forum and after only a few readings I have a much clearer world of Herelink which looks like a really beautiful product.

I would like to use it for our UAVs but I would need a couple of information and I hope that through your experience you can give me some advice.
I have read of friends here who ran into the same problem but I have not understood if they have solved somehow … maybe you are waiting for the Solex version which should have some more commands?

  1. Is it possible to manage a second radio control dedicated only to the gimbal? and how do the two radio controls interact with QGC? Is it possible to access the two cameras independently from each radio control?

  2. Is it possible to use a PC / Laptop with QGC in parallel and see the operations live?

thanks for all the advice you can give me … bye

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