Install a camera on cube orange


I’d like to install a camera on my orange cube.

This is a Caddx Tarsier( ), and I have a VS600 FrSky to transmit the video :

I’d like to know if it is possible to put it (VS600) on the cube (where ??) to power and get the video ?
I guess my camera can be powering by the vs600 but this one also needs power.

If someone can help, would be nice.

You will need an OSD to take the Mavlink telemetry from the Cube Orange and overlay it on the video going to the VTX.

DO NOT power anything off the Cube Orange. You will need a BEC for whatever voltage your VTX runs on. I am pretty sure the Caddx Tarsier can handle up to 6S battery power.

I planned to use VS600 as the transmitter, and RX 5.8Ghz DJI AVL58 as the receiver. I don’t know if they are compatible yet.
And yes Caddx Tarsier can support 22.2V which is my max power of my LiPo 6S so I ll manage to connect it directly to the battery

6S will be around 24.8 with LiIon packs and 25.2 with LiPo packs