Installing SIYI apps on HereLink

I’ve attempted to install the SIYI apps that are presented in this video that show the SIYI A8 running on the HereLink with the ethernet connection.

What’s notable about this is that not only is video streaming supported, but gimbal control is provided using touch screen support on a SIYI custom version of QGC.

I posted about needing help getting these apps installed over on the forum because the SIYI representative, Frank Wang, is a member on that forum - not on this forum.

Even though I made mention of this thread in the Ardupilot facebook group, it was probably a mistake to not mention it here.

It all seems to boil down as to how to properly install “custom apps” on the HereLink. The page in the CubePilot wiki doesn’t have enough information to help me do this - as I’m not an Android expert.

Although the people at SIYI managed to figure this out - as they have the SIYI apps installed on a HereLink V1.1, perhaps CubePilot engineers could help in ensuring the proper procedures are published - to avoid risk to introducing dangerous software on the HereLink controller.

My thread over on is here - and to avoid repeating and duplicating the effort, perhaps a CubePilot engineer could contribute to this thread:

Thank you.