Integration of NRA24 with Cube Orange+

Hello everyone,

I want to use Nanoradar NRA24 as a rangefinder to follow terrain with my cube orange+
I do follow the param settings provided in DOcumentation but still its not working and gives error
Rangefinder1 missing.

I will request if possible please provide detail info on this topic

Is this the documentation you followed? Nanoradar NRA 24 — Rover documentation

Can you share logs and parameters? Also some images of the setup.


This last parameter was missing in my full parameter list.

But i dont think it will cause an issue

Refresh or reboot the flight controller to get the parameter.

I did but still it is not showing

I did but still, it is not showing

@Aniket download dronecan_gui_tool, connect it to Cube, and open Monitor window, check if you are receiving packets there. Also share your parameter file from the autopilot.

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Finally, my issue was resolved.

After discussing with the manufacturer, they confirmed that it already has ardupilot compatible firmware with UART connectivity.

I completed the wiring per the UART and plugged in the Telem2 port.

set the following parameters to get readings from nra24
serial2_baud =115
Serrial2_Protocol =9
Rngfnd1_type =11
Rngfnd1_orient =25