Internal Compass not recognised on Cube Purple

Hey @philip
I bought couple of Cube Purple and internal compass from MPU9250 isn’t recognized. I tried compass_typemask=0, still no luck.
I checked hwdef.dat file and could’t find “COMPASS AK8963:probe_mpu9250”
Thank You!

The team are looking at it

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Any update? @philip

Still under investigation, at this point you are stuck with an older firmware till the issue is found

Older in the sense? How old? 3.6.x?
I tried stable and latest master. On both firmware compass isn’t recognized.
Should I add the line, rebuild and try?

Hey @philip
I added the line and commented out the ICM20948 part since it was for future use. Compass is recognized now!



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Hey @philip
I have made a PR, Have a look.

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