Introducing the Mini carrier board combo


Hello Guys,

I’m happy to introduce our new PCB boards, dedicated to the use of the world most famous autopilot : the Cube!
We took over the functionalities of the first BETA version of our mini carrier board and made the following changes: adding SERIAL 5 connector pattern (on bottom) and adding solder shunts to allow user selecting the RC input (PPM-S.BUS/Specktrum) and RC voltage (3v3, 5v).
The Mini carrier board now comes with a Mini PDB, that would help to keep the drone assembly as clean and compact as possible. The Mini PDB can drive up to 180A.

You can find more details on the user manual (bottom of product page)

Thanks for your support !


Love it!!! Again highlighting the versatility of the cube and our wonderful community!


The mini carrier board combo is also available at IR-LOCK for U.S people