Is a Cube Black from late 2017 still safe to fly?

Hello all. I’m new to this forum, with this being my first post. Please forgive my ignorance as I begin to bring myself back up to speed on this fascinating technology.

I was coming up the learning curve and doing a large hex build back in 2017 when I took a break from the build. I had test flown it with an original Pixhawk installed, but just prior to suspending my build, I had installed a Pixhawk 2 Cube Black w/Edison-Ready carrier board. I installed it, but never did a test flight with it.

I am diving back into things, and trying to educate myself on how much the tech has advanced in the last few years (WOW is an understatement). I understand the Cube Orange w/ADS-B carrier board is the new base/standard Cube autopilot, and I have ordered a set to replace the Cube Black set I currently have installed, but would like to know if I can still safely fly the original one I have in there now. It is an early enough model that it has “Pixhawk 2” etched on top of the Cube. I ask because I see a Safety Bulletin concerning Black Cubes purchased during a specific time window. This windows appears to be significantly later than when I bought mine in Sept 2017, but I am concerned I could be missing something somewhere. I realize components for this model are end-of-life now, but I am only really concerned for this unit’s functionality, and have no interest in replacing it with like product.

I am also not even sure if this hardware can run the current Ardupilot 4.x firmware.

Any help/guidance on the safe use of this older Cube Black would be appreciated.


As per the safety bulletin, update to latest MissionPlanner and then update the Cube to latest stable firmware. Then do the bootloader update.
MP will tell you if that Cube is affected.