Is herelink compatibility with previous pixhawks

Is it possible to use here-link with any older versions of pixhawk

I’m using an original 3DR Pixhawk 1. Although I don’t think I have one that had the 1MB flash problem.


I was planning to use a 3DR Pixhawk 1. So is there any sort of problem u are facing while using it ?

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You just need to splice different ends on the wiring to accommodate the Pixhawk 1 connectors.

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As it’s Mavlink and Sbus yes however you will need to crest your own cable for convectively.

Remember though Parms and things have changed since the older versions of Ardu.


hello friend I use pixhawk 2.4.8 without any problem, I just had to change the pixhawk 2.1 connector cables to the normal ones, connect instantly perfectly

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Yes it’s fully compatible with the GENUINE 3DR original Pixhawk, however…

Any “Pixhawk” that is for sale in the market today, is quite simply a fake!

We cannot know what components they put of the board, and the quality of the build.

So there is no way we can accurately predict any behaviour of any of these boards.

We have dumped the Pixhawk name completely, as there are so many fakes in the market.


I will be switching to the cube at a later stage but first just wanted to check herelink out at first before building everything
Thank you for the swift responses

No worries!

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It is fully compatible I use pixhawk 2.4.8 Claor is false as the partner says, a good pixhawk is not worth 39USD, how are you, but if to test it is fine.

but if I want really CUBE quality or original pixhawk that seem to be sold in specific places legally

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why herelink only works wiffi 5ghz? why not work with 2.4ghz or maybe both

HereLink communications between the controller and the air unit is 2.4GHz
For best results, we want to keep the 2.4 band nice and clean

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but herelink does not search for 2.4ghz wifi only 5ghz wifi

The connection between the air unit and ground unit is 2.4GHz LTE
So we only run 5GHz wifi

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Is there a possibility to run wiffi 2.4ghz?

If I understand that the air to ground frequency is 2.4ghz

but I want to know if I can somehow look for wiffi 2.4ghz

No, we do not support 2.4GHz wifi at this point

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ok thx

Hi Philip,
HereLink is also compatible with Pixhawk 4 Holybro or Pixhack 3/5 CUAV or Pixhawk 3 Drotek ?

If you want to risk your vehicles to those products, that’s your risk, we make no promises as to any results you may have.
If they do what they are supposed to, then they should be compatible.

Any Pixhawk other than a 3DR or CubePilot is not a Pixhawk. Regardless of what any corporate sellouts may say.

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