Is it possible to do compass/motor calibration with Herelink

Hi guys.

I have tried doing the compass motor calibration using a laptop running MP and Herelink, but I cannot get it to take and finish the calibration. I have the laptop connected via a long usb cord and am following the arducopter instructions for the calibration from the wiki, but having no luck. Has anyone been successful without hooking up a Spektrum transmitter and receiver or like it? I am running copter 4.0.4 on a cube black.


See here

ArduPilot supports “Onboard Calibration using RC Controller stick gestures” meaning that the calibration routine runs on the autopilot with no GCS. This method is more accurate than the older “Offboard Calibration” (aka “Live Calibration”) which runs on the ground station because in addition to offsets, scaling is also calculated.

  • requires RC calibration first
  • to start compass calibration hold throttle stick full up and full right yaw for 2 seconds
  • if your autopilot has a buzzer attached you should hear a single tone followed by short beep once per second
  • hold the vehicle in the air and rotate it so that each side (front, back, left, right, top and bottom) points down towards the earth for a few seconds in turn


  • upon successful completion three rising tones will be emitted and you will need to reboot the autopilot before it is possible to arm the vehicle.

Thank you, Ian. I am not trying to do a compass calibration, but a compassmot calibration or test. Please refer to near the bottom of this page on the wiki.