Is it possible to use the Herelink system with custom telemetry protocols?

I am impressed with the herelink specs and would like to use it in other applications that don’t use mavlink (we already have one arriving in the mail for an ardupilot drone).
Is it possible to transmit any kind of messages via the UART port of the air unit back to the tablet, and read this stream in a custom (android?) application somehow?
I know QGC is open source, but I am looking for something simpler and more clear on how the system is laid out and what kind of libraries/drivers I can use to access the link itself. Any kind of direction is much appreciated.

You can’t customize the protocol because everything have been packed into the 2.4GHz ISM. However, you can add your data into mavlink messages and send them through the system.

Thank you for your reply. What type of mavlink messages should I use? I assume I’d use the mavlink library available on github to handle this on my companion computer/another autopilot (not ardupilot).
After herelink receives those data packets, how can i forward them to my own custom android application or computer?

You may have a look at this

The whole mavlink system is like a network. You can push your message to any node and it will sent through everywhere.
Eg: sending the message into autopilot uart