Is it possible to use the port forwarding feature?

Dear CubePilot
we have a B612 HUAWEI LTE ROUTER
Is it possible to activate the forwarding port feature? Using WAN IP

I enabled DMZ on the IP air unit router B612 HUAWEI


port forward from where to where?

airunit (video) (mavlink) to internet

Is HrereLink able to connect to the Internet?

It should be able to, otherwise the Herelink won’t register at the first place.

You may try to connect the UDP address like how it works in Mission Planner. (I don’t know if this is what you want to achieve)

by default the air unit wont have a default gateway set, so it does not have access to the internet, this is partly by design, as why does the air unit need internet in the first place. the GCS unit would have internet access however, and some users run things like wireguard or zerotier on it to allow access to the services provided by the GCS unit