Is my Cube Orange dead?

Is my cube dead guys? Something weird happened when testing some stuff, it seems like something has shorted on the cube. It sound like this and red leds are very bright and not detected by the pc. Are there hope that only my carrier board is dead?
Here is a short video of its behavior:

Your Cube is fine.
The sound you hear is one of the power supplies in the Cube starting and stopping because you have too many devices connected and you are exceeding the ability of the USB cable to provide enough current to all of them.
Disconnect devices, use a USB port with more current, or power it off the brick.

In the video it is visible that nothing is connected to cube, nevertheless I again tested it, issue is still present. I also tried to power it with power brick as well as higher power USB source. It is no help

Some updates:

Powering the cube from the servo rails does make the second red led not turn on, the buzzer sound is also gone in this case. But I still can’t make any connections to it.

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-11 at 13.27.51

Highly suspected main cause is the overvoltage on the power2 input