Is SBUS 2 active

I just got a hereLink system and I have to say that so far I am really liking it! I got it setup pretty quickly without much fuss. I have been reading about it and I want to run the second SBUS connection to a gimbal. I saw that SBUS 2 was not active in the past and I wanted to know if it was active now?

A second question I had is with the video. I am using a goPro Hero7 Black and it works great. The problem I had is that it would not send live video if I had an SD card in the goPro. The hereLink would just see what is on the SD card and allow me to view existing files. As soon as I removed the SD card the video streams as expected. Is this a normal behavior or am I missing a setting somewhere?

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Yep Sbus 2 is working now on the latest firmware

As for the output check in the GoPro HDMI settings there is one for Live output I think it’s called.

Set it to 1080p

MadRC, I wanted to say thanks for the reply as well as the great videos on YouTube. I watched all your hereLink videos which where extremely helpful and they are one of the reasons I bought a system.


Many thanks for the kind works it’s very much appreciated.