Is this connections possible to connect two teraranger evo 60m and one teraranger evo tower and two here 3 GPS


Is this connection possible ? Here I have used a I2C splitter and connected one teraranger evo 60m tower (lidar 360), evo 60m (bottom) and evo 60m (top). All these are connected to one I2C 2 port of cube orange using the I2C splitter. And two here 3 GPS connected to the CAN 2 port of cube orange using can splitter ( basically the same I2C splitter as connections are same ) Below there is a diagram to show whether am I correct or no. Please suggest if there are any mistakes with the connections or whether is it possible or not. @Alvin

Theoretically yes. And you may need to connect independent power supply to those peripherals.

And @Alvin If connected to I2C 2 port then no need to set up anything ? Like setup lidar 360, rangefinder, etc as a serialx protocol? As much I know I2C 2 is not serial. So I2C automatically scans the ports. The thing is that my I2C 2 splitter should be powered before the cube orange gets powers so that it can scan. I read it somewhere. But the thing is how the I2C 2 will know that there is a tower evo
(lidar 360), evo 60m (bottom rangefinder) and evo 60m (top rangefinder)? Like if I would have connected to GPS ports or any serial ports, then I can configure but n I2C how ?

@Alvin ??

That involve how the code works. You will need to read the source code to figure out how.

Or you may peek from setup instructions of other I2C sensor:

It just detects there is connected I2C sensor.

so I just need to connect as shown in the diagram above and not setup required ? @Alvin

@alvin Any setup required ? As much as I know I2C automatically scans for devices connected to it so no need any setup in mission planner, etc ?

From my understanding, yes. You may test it out by yourself as we never know what could go wrong with different sensor combinations.