Issue: RFD900x connection issue with Mission Planner/Cube

I am having an issue getting my RFD900x (Version 1.3) telemetry radios to work with Mission Planner/flight controller. I’ve had this setup working before but after switching computers and redownloading software/firmware, something has broken and I cannot figure it out.

  • I am running an Orange Cube flight controller with ArduCopter
  • Telemetry radio onboard has separate 5V power and I’ve checked that the wiring is correct (tx/rx)
  • When I power up the drone and plug the ground telemetry unit into my computer, both LEDs on the modems turn solid green and then at the same time, has the red LED blinking. Both of the units connect to the RFDTools.

Any help or suggestions as to what I could do would be greatly appreciated.

By these symptons, I can just think about misconfiguration of Baud Rate or COM port in your Mission Planner, do not know if MP requires some kind of specific RFD driver… I would try to reinstall the drivers also, as soon as the problem started after switching computers…