Issue with TLog files

I am using Cube Orange with ArduCopter 4.0.3 and HereLink.
I connect Mission Planner to the 5 Ghz WiFi Hotspot created by the Herelink ground unit using UDPCl connection. Everything works as expected except the tlog files (I do NOT mean the bin files written by the flight controller itself that can be converted to log files).
I only see a tlog file writte to a subfolder GENERIC/42 and not in QUAD/1 as usual.

When I replay the tlog file, I can hear the message like “warning: safety switch…” but all the other telemetry data for attitude, position, flight mode etc. are zero.

Is there some kind of system ID conversion to “42” that gets misinterpreted by Mission Planner when writing the tlog file?

Additional information:
Meanwhile I am pretty sure that this strange way of writing TLogs only happens, when Mission Planner is connected with the drone via Herelink’s hotspot.

Can other users confirm this or are your TLogs still written to the usual subfolder containing all telemetry data?

the reason for the 42 is there is another internal device in herelink that sends as 42… i think this include a temperate and rssi.
its not an issue as such, but maybe MP could handle it a little bit better

Thank you for that info, Michael.

Having an additional tlog from that device would not be an issue for me.
My main problem is, that this is the only tlog file written, when I am flying with Herelink. I do not get a tlog under QUAD/1.

the one in the 42 directory will include the quad data, ie it will have both

Unfortunately, this is not the case. As written already in my initial posting, there are no telemetry data. In the status tab all values are 0. If you replay it, it has the length oft the flight but no other data, only the warning messages are included in that tlog.